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Custom database development to make using data easier than ever

We create custom software that makes your data do more. It’s not just about storing it. It’s about using it, comparing it, and analysing it. It’s about creating insights, reports, and customer knowledge that give your business an edge.

We want to make that happen. With FileMaker development, we can create custom, user friendly, business databases that look and work the way which suits you best.

What is FileMaker Pro, and Why Would I Use It?

FileMaker Pro is a powerful cross-platform database development program. FileMaker developers like us love FileMaker Pro because it’s fast, flexible and robust. Here are some things we can do with FileMaker development:

Create custom databases to manage customer data, invoicing, active jobs, and much more

Create custom or automated reports that are easily exported to PDF or Excel

Connect and share
data across

Let us create the database you need

Want to know more about the power of FileMaker development?

From building and construction, to running a dance studio, we’ve used FileMaker Pro to power custom software development and help countless companies thrive.

We helped Jock with custom software development

Environmental Treatment Solutions provides hazardous waste disposal services to businesses throughout Australia. For many years we managed all aspects of the business using Word documents, Excel spreadsheets and Microsoft Outlook contact lists. Whilst we were a small growing business this was manageable, however as we grew cracks started to appear in our manual systems with the reduced productivity and missed opportunities costing us time and money. We decided to engage Fishbulb Solution to help us develop a custom software solution that would streamline all of our business’s operational and sales procedures. We started with a quoting and job tracking system and after this was successfully implement we continued to add additional functionality to further improve the system. Three years on and the software now manages almost every aspect of our business. The increased efficiency the software offers has enabled us to grow whilst keeping our staffing costs in check. If you run a growing business and are looking to implement a custom software system to streamline your manual processes I would highly recommend contacting Andrew and the team at Fishbulb Solutions.

Jock Germany

We helped Jodie with custom software development
We tried many off-the-shelf dance software solutions to help simplify our studio’s administration but every solution we tried had shortcomings in critical areas of our business. The custom software Fishbulb Solutions developed for our studio works exactly the way we need it to and over the last 5 years we’ve added additional functionality to further reduce our administrative overheads. The team is easy to work with and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them.

Jodie Williams


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