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Here's What We Do

At Fishbulb Solutions, we're more than developers; we're your partners in digital innovation. We specialise in crafting user-centric software uniquely designed to streamline your operations and bolster your business's potential.

Why Choose Fishbulb for Your Software Needs?

Transition seamlessly from cumbersome manual spreadsheets to dynamic, shareable digital databases.

Enjoy tailor-made software solutions that save time, reduce errors, and enhance productivity.

Experience effortless integration with your existing software ecosystems, amplifying automation and efficiency.

Benefit from our consultative approach, ensuring your software not only meets but exceeds business objectives.

Our commitment to excellence is reflected in every line of code we write, ensuring robust, scalable, and future-proof custom software.

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We Streamline Your Workflow

With 15 years of innovation in custom software development, we're adept at refining and modernising your systems. Our expertise ensures that your business's unique needs are not just met, but anticipated and streamlined for peak performance.

We Systemise your Operations

Imagine all your critical data, organised in a custom, branded software hub designed just for you. Our solutions are not only about keeping your data in one place; they're about empowering your team to work with unmatched efficiency and intelligence.

We Automate your Processes

Time is money, and our well-crafted software is the time-saver your business has been waiting for. By automating routine tasks, we empower you to focus on growth, driving your output up and operational costs down.

We Integrate your Systems

Why settle for off-the-shelf when you can have software that fits like a glove? We will seamlessly weave your new custom software with any of your existing web or on-premise applications ensuring a cohesive, efficient, and familiar workflow.

Why Settle for Less When You Can Customise for Success?

Ever felt boxed in by software that almost fits your needs? You’re not alone. The drag of tweaking standard solutions to work for your unique processes can be draining and inefficient.

That’s where Fishbulb Solutions steps in. Custom software development isn’t just about building applications; it’s about crafting a technology pathway that aligns perfectly with your business vision. Imagine software adapted to your workflows, not the other way around.

"Fishbulb Solutions transformed our operations, cutting down on manual input by 40% and doubling our customer engagement."
Jodie Williams, Action Dance Academy
“Thanks to Fishbulb Solutions, we’ve seen a 30% increase in productivity and a significant reduction in errors.”
Jock Germany, Environmental Treatment Solutions

Empower Your Team and Delight Your Customers

Our bespoke software solutions are designed to enhance your team’s productivity, streamline decision-making, and elevate customer experiences. They’re built with an eye on the future, ready to scale as you grow. When you reduce reliance on key personnel and automate routine tasks, you unlock new potentials for efficiency, innovation and cost savings.

Personalised for Your Ambitions

Your goals become our blueprint. Whether you’re aiming to refine internal workflows or redefine how you engage with customers, our custom software is the key to unlocking your business’s potential.

Our Development Approach: Tailored to Your Success

Crafting your vision

Our journey begins with discovery, where your vision takes centre stage. We engage with you to detail every aspect of your project—its goals, and the unique challenges we aim to solve. Whether we meet in person or connect digitally, this collaboration forms the bedrock of a tailored plan, complete with a sitemap, mock-ups, and a clear scope of work. You'll know exactly what to expect, from timelines to investment, ensuring full transparency from the outset.

Shaping the Blueprint

Our journey begins with discovery, where your vision takes centre stage. We engage with you to detail every aspect of your project — its goals, and the unique challenges we aim to solve. Whether we meet in person or connect digitally, this collaboration will form the bedrock of a tailored development plan, complete with a sitemap, designs, prototypes, and a clear scope of work.

Bringing Your Vision to Life

Now, the magic happens. Our developers, armed with the approved prototype and documentation, breathe life into the design. They code with precision, ensuring that every feature is implemented to your specifications. Our agile methodology allows us to adapt quickly and efficiently, keeping you involved and informed at every turn.

Excellence, Assured

Quality isn't just a checkpoint—it's woven into the fabric of our entire process. Our rigorous QA phase confirms that your software is robust, reliable, and ready for the real world. Only after meeting our high standards and receiving your final nod, do we deploy your software to a staging environment, setting the stage for a successful launch.

Advancing Industries with Specialized Software

Our custom software solutions span diverse fields—engineering, telecommunications, education, manufacturing, and beyond. We're proud to enhance various sectors with tailored digital tools, whether it's facilitating environmental initiatives, streamlining non-profit operations, or optimising corporate and consultancy workflows.

Our Ever-Growing List of Supported Tech

At Fishbulb Solutions, we harness a comprehensive suite of cutting-edge technologies to bring your digital solutions to life. Our tech stack is meticulously selected to ensure robust, scalable, and innovative products.
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Who We’ve Helped

From construction and consultancy, to printing and engineering, we’ve developed countless custom solutions for businesses like yours.

Kirstie Wells
Global Office Manager, C3 Global
Fishbulb Solutions turned our membership database around, boosting member engagement and satisfaction. Their expertise now extends across all our digital platforms. Unquestionably recommend for any app, website, or database needs!
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Michael Baker
Formerly of Vodafone Australia Pty Limited
Andrew and the team at Fishbulb Solutions demonstrated exceptional expertise in developing a custom data centre asset management software tailored for us. Their quick grasp of our complex data and proactive guidance through the software creation process was impressive. While we didn't have the opportunity to implement the solution due to corporate changes, the professionalism and quality of what was delivered were outstanding.
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Jodie Williams
Director, Action Dance Academy
For 15 years, Fishbulb Solutions has been our go-to for navigating the complexities of dance studio administration. Their bespoke software eclipsed every generic option we tried, which consistently failed to meet our unique needs. The customer portal and web enrolment system they introduced were game changers, slashing our administrative workload and virtually eliminating our paperwork. They are not just a vendor; they are a cornerstone of our operational success, significantly cutting costs and streamlining processes. For businesses swamped by admin, a call to Andrew's team could be the turning point you're looking for. Their approach is not only effective but also a pleasure due to their collaborative spirit.
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Danny Gellert
Directorof Cello Paper Pty Ltd
I’ve had the pleasure of overseeing our partnership with Fishbulb Solutions for the past 12 years. Our requirement was straightforward but vital: enhance our SAP Business One ERP software with a user-friendly pallet labelling and dispatch system. This system is essential for smooth operations in our extensive facility in Western Sydney, spanning over 200+ square feet and catering to diverse markets like packaging, industrial papers, and healthcare.
Fishbulb Solutions exceeded our expectations. They delivered a custom barcode, labelling, and dispatch application that not only seamlessly integrated with our existing systems but also offered ease of use for both our administrative and warehouse staff. What truly set Fishbulb Solutions apart was their ability to provide this advanced solution at a fraction of the cost quoted by other SAP business partners.
This project has been a notable step in improving our operational efficiency, aligning with our commitment to service and innovation. Fishbulb Solutions has demonstrated their expertise and value, and while our collaboration is just one part of our ongoing efforts to excel in the paper manufacturing industry, their contribution has been significant and appreciated. I wholeheartedly recommend Fishbulb Solutions for their proficiency and cost-effectiveness.
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Greg Aylet
Former Manufacturing Excellence Manager, Vinidex Pty Ltd
At Vinidex Pty Ltd, we recognised the need to modernise our OH&S reporting process. To achieve this, we turned to Fishbulb Solutions, renowned for their expertise in UI/UX design and prototyping. Our goal was to explore the potential of a digital solution that could replace our traditional paper-based system.
Fishbulb Solutions excelled in this task, delivering a prototype that perfectly balanced user-friendliness with functionality. Their work provided us with a tangible representation of what a fully digital OH&S reporting system could look like. Although our upper management ultimately decided to retain the paper-based system, the prototyping process was invaluable. It not only gave us a clear cost estimation for potential development but also a deeper understanding of the practicalities and benefits of digital reporting systems.
This engagement with Fishbulb Solutions was a significant step forward in our digital transformation journey, showcasing their exceptional skills in UI/UX design and the value of prototyping in making informed business decisions.
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Graeme Deaker
Former Director – WSPGroup
At WSP Group, our collaboration with Fishbulb Solutions has brought about a meaningful enhancement in our project management processes. They crafted a customised project management system that precisely caters to our needs. A key component of this system is its custom CRM tool, which has been pivotal in efficiently managing staff and tracking their project tasks. The system also features an adept document management system, significantly improving our handling of extensive documentation.
An important aspect of the software is its reporting capabilities, which offer detailed insights into actuals and forecasts across all engineering disciplines, facilitating more strategic decision-making. Additionally, it includes a compliance auditing checklist, ensuring our operations align with industry standards. Remarkably, Fishbulb Solutions delivered this comprehensive system at a cost that is exceptionally competitive in the market, providing substantial value for our investment.
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Ben North
Former Managing Director, Waterman AHW Pty Ltd
When Waterman AHW found itself in need of expert intervention to enhance a FileMaker Pro project management application, originally developed by an ex-employee, Fishbulb Solutions rose to the challenge with exceptional skill. Their team demonstrated remarkable proficiency in taking over the existing system, quickly identifying areas for improvement and implementing strategic upgrades.
The initial focus of Fishbulb Solutions was on revamping the backend database. Their efforts in this area not only streamlined data processes but also significantly bolstered the overall performance and reliability of the system. The enhanced reporting capabilities introduced by Fishbulb Solutions brought a new level of depth and clarity to our project analytics, enabling more accurate and comprehensive tracking of project milestones and financials.
A critical aspect of their intervention was the overhaul of the user interface. The new design they implemented was not just aesthetically pleasing but also intuitively structured, making it far more user-friendly. This redesign proved invaluable in simplifying the onboarding process for new staff, reducing training time, and increasing overall user adoption and satisfaction.
Beyond these improvements, Fishbulb Solutions integrated advanced features that further elevated the application's functionality. This included the incorporation of a custom CRM tool, which streamlined staff management and task tracking. The effective document management system facilitated better organization and accessibility of important project documents. Additionally, the inclusion of a compliance auditing checklist ensured that our projects adhered to the necessary standards and regulations, adding an essential layer of governance and quality control.
The transformation brought about by Fishbulb Solutions has been a game-changer for Waterman AHW. Their ability to successfully take over from the previous developer and significantly enhance the system's capabilities has not only improved our day-to-day operations but also demonstrated their expertise in managing and upgrading existing software systems. This has instilled great confidence in our team, knowing that our project management infrastructure is now more robust, efficient, and aligned with our evolving business needs.
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Nick Amiradaki
Former CTO, HQCorp
At HQ Corp, we faced specific challenges with our existing Pipedrive CRM tool, particularly concerning customisation limitations that were impacting our sales efficiency. Recognising the need for a tailored solution, we turned to Fishbulb Solutions for their expertise in UI/UX design and prototyping. Their team quickly grasped the nuances of our industry and translated these insights into a custom app design that not only replicated the features we valued in Pipedrive but also addressed the critical gaps affecting our revenue.
While we ultimately put the development on hold due to industry changes and subsequent financial constraints, the prototype provided by Fishbulb Solutions was exceptional. It precisely captured our requirements and demonstrated their remarkable ability to understand and materialise our needs into a functional software design. We were thoroughly impressed with their swift and accurate response to our industry-specific challenges and highly recommend them to anyone seeking expert UI/UX design and prototyping services for custom software applications.
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Shelagh Poray
Owner and Director, MindQuest/The NSW Talent Centre Pty Ltd
As the owner and director of MindQuest and The NSW Talent Centre Pty Ltd, I've long relied on a custom FileMaker Pro solution I personally developed and maintained. However, the need for an advanced online enrolment system became apparent as we expanded our course and event offerings. That's when I approached Fishbulb Solutions.
Their team not only understood my unique requirements but also created an online system that seamlessly integrates with my existing FileMaker Pro setup. This new system adeptly manages all aspects of our courses and events, from online enrolment to handling online payments. Moreover, Fishbulb Solutions implemented a custom email marketing tool within the system, which allows me to create email templates and selectively send marketing materials and administrative correspondence for specific courses or events.
Despite not being the most tech-savvy person, I find the system extremelyintuitive and easy to navigate. The efficiency it has brought to the management of MindQuest and The NSW Talent Centre is invaluable. I am thoroughly impressed with the work done by Fishbulb Solutions and highlyrecommend their services to anyone looking to develop bespoke software solutions.
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